[Help] Access Phone Storage VIA Computer With HTC Desire

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  1. mrajm33

    mrajm33 New Member

    Hello, recently, I have been having problems with Internal (Phone) storage and I have been wanting to access it so I can get rid of my Dalvik cache and have downloaded a file manager and it has not been deleting it. It just shows the bar at 0% and makes no progress.

    I am hoping somebody online has the knowledge to help me. Here are my phone details;

    HTC Desire
    Software; Android Version is 2.2.2,
    Build number is CL345089 release-keys.

    Computer: I am using Windows 7 and I am sure I have all the USB updates.

    Please Help Me :)
    From Alex.

  2. LilBit

    LilBit Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi mrajm, Welcome to AF!! Here is a link to the Desire forum, If thats not your specific Desire Phone check the front page where you log in for a list of all the other HTC Desire forums we have!! Hope this helps.
    HTC Desire - Android Forums
  3. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi mrjam33, and welcome to AF :)

    You don't want to delete your dalvik cache. Don't be misled by the name "cache" into thinking those are unnecessary, temporary files. Those files are components of your installed applications, so if you succeeded in deleting them every app on your phone would crash. And when you reboot your phone the dalvik cache will be rebuilt, so you'd not gain anything by doing this.

    To increase space you can clear app caches (which is something different). There are many cache cleaner apps in the Play Store. But this is just a temporary measure. Moving apps to SD helps, and if some apps are using excessive amounts of data cleaning that up will also help.

    To do more than that you'll need to root the phone. If you are interested in that, the Desire All Things Root forum is the place to learn more.
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  4. mrajm33

    mrajm33 New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I have been looking around, and they have been saying that it is good to get rid of them.
    Also, I have just factory reset my Desire and I have downloaded the apps, and they seemed to leave a huge bit of memory on the phone internal storage after moving them to the external storage.

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