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  1. Medomoo

    Medomoo Member

    The situation is like this,

    first am new to the android world and i was reckless i know, but some help would be nice

    -Device: Xperia X8
    -Rom: Stock 2.1
    -USB Debugging Enabled
    -Root (SuperOneClick)
    -BusyBox v1.18.4
    -Bootloader locked ( default state didn't touch it so its locked i guess)
    -No Recovery of any kind

    -** Very Important to keep the files, so please no solutions includes wiping the internal memory

    What happen:
    i was using "Font installer" app to change fonts and accidentally replaced "ALL" the font files in "System/Fonts" and that led the device not to boot now stuck on "Sony Ericsson" black screen


    - i need to know how can i access the phone internal memory so i can replace the content of "System/Fonts" with the original files

    Thanks In Advance

  2. Medomoo

    Medomoo Member

    Thank god, its working now and i got all my files saved,

    1- Got "Shell Root" with SuperOneClick v2.3.3
    2- Used "Android Commander" to push the Original Fonts to its place. and done.

    Thanks everyone
  3. johnskelion

    johnskelion New Member

    I have the same problem but my phone is LG P920.. Can you help me? My phone stuck on boot LG logo.. I accidentally deleted the files of the font I installed.. that's why It stuck.. how did you manage to store back the fonts folder?
  4. Medomoo

    Medomoo Member

    1- Extract the original fonts folder from stock rom for your device, u need to use google to get that rom

    2- Use SuperOneClick to Get "Shell Root"

    3- Use "Android Commander" to delete the corrupted fonts folder and replace it with the original fonts folder
  5. intexhub95

    intexhub95 Member

    you can flash it. . . with "FLASHTOOL" flash it back to stock...and your problem is gone ...:p
  6. joao6697

    joao6697 Member

    I have the same prob I think..

    I just formated my ophne memory and now i cant boot and I cant go to xrecovery...
  7. jovanieapa

    jovanieapa New Member

    Im also in the same track,i got accidentally deleted the font files and after rebooting, it stuck in the startup animation, but one thing is the android commander cant detect my device due to being stuck in the boot animation and cant detect by my computer.. flashing cant be an option since flashing tools needed the device to be detected by the computer...
    how should i deal with that?..pls help my poor xperia..any help would be appreciated..
    device: xperia C (rooted)
  8. Mukudzei

    Mukudzei New Member

    Hie I also have the same problem. My phone is rooted with Framaroot. I replaced all the system fonts and now my phone wont boot but remains on the samsung screen. Help.

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