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  1. EnglishCrusader

    EnglishCrusader Active Member

    As the title says really,

    Can anyone tell me how to put DVD's onto my PC, which i can then put onto my Galaxy, got plenty of music exported to my Galaxy, but no videos as of yet all help appreciated.

  2. Mr.Hunk

    Mr.Hunk Member

    For transferring videos you can either use the kies software or use the usb mass storage mode to transfer files to your phone either way it should work.
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  3. EnglishCrusader

    EnglishCrusader Active Member

    Any chance of a step by step, using both methods ? as the films i want to put on, are currently on DVD, i could not find software to transfer it, the only bit i saw was, Convert, but that doesnt do it i don't think .

    All Help Appreciated.:D
  4. Mr.Hunk

    Mr.Hunk Member

    1. Transferring data through kies:
    # Once kies is installed on your computer and it detects the phone, choose kies on phone when usb connection is detected.
    # In kies software select "Content Manager" and on top select videos (by default it point to music)
    # Click on add button (+ sign) and select your DVD (or hard drive) whatever contains data to be transfered
    # Select the file, right click on it and select "sent to device"
    # Your data is transferred to your device.

    2: Using the device as a mass storage
    # Once device is connected to your computer your phone will ask to choose from - Samsung kies, Media player, Mass storage and Pc Internet
    # Select mass storage and it will create an Icon with your phone name (GT-9000 or something) under my computer.
    # Now treat your phone as a usb flash drive, you can browse the folders or create new ones as required.
    # Copy the contents from your dvd or hard drive and paste it in the desired folder of you phone.

    Hope this answers your queries.
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  5. AGP

    AGP Member

    Try the free software called Handbrake to convert to you compatible format. Then all you need to do is send it to you phone.
  6. seepage

    seepage Well-Known Member

    will any of these methods work with protected dvds, which they mostly are. I didnt think it was that easy.
  7. seepage

    seepage Well-Known Member

    I wasnt asking how to do it, merely pointing out that that was probably why he couldnt do it.
  8. I think the heart of this problem is the video compatibility, cause Galaxy tab doesn't accept the dvd movie(.vob), so no matter what the kies software is good, after transfering dvd files to tab, it wont work. \

    My advice is that the topic starter should convert his movie files to MPEG4 videos before transfer them to Tab. There are many free dvd ripping tools available for this work like Handbrake, dvd43 and more ... And here is a walkthrough of dvd to galaxy tab i stumbled upon. Hope my reply helps.

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