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Support HELP again with my LG G2X PLEASE!

  1. simplydana

    simplydana Member

    I have had so many problems with this phone. I am going on my 6Th phone that T-Mobile keeps sending to me refurbished at that. I spoke again with head manager and they finally agreed to send me a different phone . I don't want another G2X! My question is they will only send me a T-Mobile My Touch and nothing else. The phone is free to all anyway and I paid over 500.00 for 2 LG G2X and I feel that I should get something that's compatible in its place instead of the My Touch. Do I take the My Touch or should I get another G2X and Root it? I use this for business and the camera for my clients and the My Touch is a good phone but not what I'm looking for or I would of got one to begin with. I have seen on this forum T-Mobile after the 2nd G2X they where sent the HTC Sensation but they will not do it for me and it took again 6 phones before they even considered giving me a different phone but Im stuck in a contract.
    What So I Do? Please Help A.S.A.P.


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