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  1. TobyKaos

    TobyKaos Active Member


    some of you have already played to Eole and the paper ball and follow the thread

    This game is dead. Or I must say lost in the deeps of market. But it is the same.

    Then as indie game developer I will continue to develop game on Android because I like it. But I want to produce a game which you want to play.

    I have written many game concept but I am seeking another idea. Post here what do you expect.

  2. TobyKaos

    TobyKaos Active Member

    I can't believe that nobody is interesting!!! 69 viewer and nobody have selected a game concept.
    Ok, if theses game concept are so bad, tell me.
  3. Dan Fury

    Dan Fury Well-Known Member

    The problem is that none of these ideas are original, I prefer new game concepts.
    However I voted for Pinball/Breakout, because that is a combination that hasn't been done a douzen times already.
  4. TheCompBoy

    TheCompBoy Well-Known Member

    What i do when i need ideas for my apps is sit down think and when i get an idea i search market if it exist already and maybe i just look on other games / apps on the market and maybe get some ideas from it and make your own version or something of it..
  5. TobyKaos

    TobyKaos Active Member

    Okey none of this game concept is very original. A mix between pinball and breakout is. (no?)
    Be original is very difficult. Angry birds, doodle jump are not original but they managed to fun. Dragon fly (original ??)
    I want to develop a funny game, and original if I can.
    Yes TheCompBoy: Often when you have an idea the apps/games already exists. We do not copy another game but try to give the best we can.

    What we can do it is to be graphicaly different. Use another control, a new way to play ...

    For me a game is really original when a new controller is used because this give us new ideas.
  6. Essex

    Essex Well-Known Member

    Agreed with Dan Fury. None of the listed concepts excite me. I voted for Pinball/Breakout, but to be honest, I wouldn't download it. As a phone gamer, I like nice graphics, simple and responsive controls, and a smooth framerate. The game doesn't necessarily need to be original, it just needs to be tight. Think outside the box!
  7. Luke Kellett

    Luke Kellett Well-Known Member

    Some of the most popular games are just copies of other poorly executed ideas, that in essence are actually quite good...

    There is no shame in taking an idea and making it better, especially if you pull ideas from a few things and meld them into some awesomeness...

    A good place to start is the sea of online flash games! Whats popular? Whats not? What can you do better?
  8. TobyKaos

    TobyKaos Active Member

    @Essex: I agree with you, on mobile phone the graphics is very very important. They need to be simple, cartoon, and without too many details. This is a lesson I draw from my first game.

    @Luke: It is exactly what I think. It is like music (no really new song and hits are often a remix)
    Yes we can found good idea with flash game: yesterday I played to: Undead End Hardcore - Kaboohoo Online FLASH Games

    To resume why I opened this thread: I want to know what kind of game you want to play. Not necessarly original. I want to make little but addictive game. And with a simple graphics style (but polished).

    Thank you.
  9. Luke Kellett

    Luke Kellett Well-Known Member

    Well the top seller list will give you a good idea of what sort of games people want to play. Dig down a little deeper into it, say around 30-40th position.

    You will find some good ideas you can expand upon there too.
  10. TobyKaos

    TobyKaos Active Member

    Good advice. thank you.

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