HELP! Any way to unbrick my phone after what I did?

  1. Dys2pia

    Dys2pia New Member

    I've read tons and tons of forum posts related to my problem but I just can't seem to find an answer.

    I rooted my phone using this tutorial

    Root Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 With LeshaK’s Kernel

    And got the

    E: Error in (Status 65280)
    E: Failure at line 21:run_program
    Installation aborted.

    Now my phone won't boot (I only get a Samdroid boot-up screen with a gray progress bar in it and does nothing.) I also also cannot connect it to a PC to flash it again with Odin even though my drivers are fine. What can I do? Please help me if you can, I only got this phone 3 days ago :D

  2. Dys2pia

    Dys2pia New Member

    Hmm. I took the battery off for about 10 minutes and Odin magically recognised my phone. I was able to flash my Spica with The Ultimate Solution. Nice. So, good bye, panic! :)

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