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[HELP] Applications wont install

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  1. mixmax35

    mixmax35 New Member

    I just rooted my Nexus 5 (kitkat 4.4.4) and everything work just great! (I also did an CWM system backup)

    But then after two days sometimes applications from the Play Store does not install (it stuck on the "downloading..." Messege and not continues) i tried full reboot, it did not helped. I can just restore from when i just rooted, but I dont want to reset all my data again :(

    NOTE: also other files dont install (e.g: I tried to download an apk file (A game) from 4shared and it doesnt start to download the file)

    Please someone help me!

  2. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    If I were you, I'd reboot back into recovery and wipe dalvik cache and cache.

    That fixes most random bugs.

    If that doesn't work, we have plenty of other things to try :)
  3. mixmax35

    mixmax35 New Member

    Ill try it... im pretty sure that it will help, i just forgot about to try this :(:smokingsomb:

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