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Help, Apps That Uses The Internet Works On Wifi, But Not On 4G NetworkSupport

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  1. I need a lil bit of help, I can not get my apps to work over a 4g network, all the apps I have that uses the internet in some type of way only works on wifi. I know this has to be a phone issue cause it has worked before, I paid for the tv shows stream app and none of the videos will even attempt to load if I'm using 4g, I'm trying to use adownloader to get a few torrents, it will not start the torrent if I'm on 4g.

    This is a seroius issue due to the fact that I need to be able to watch these shows on th go and I need to be able to download torrents on the go, I seriously need help with this issue, anything will be appreciated, if you have any questions feel free to ask, I hope I can solve this issue.

  2. can you use the web browser on 4G?
    If not, they may have programmed your phone incorrectly. Take it back in for reprogramming.

    If 4G works for web browsing but you still cant download torrents, they are probably blocking torrents or the site your going to.

    also, another issue could just be with their 4G network. As i'm typing this now (10:32AM ) in south florida 4G network is down completely. My phone is not even connecting to the 4G network right now.
  3. Yeah, I can use the browser with no problem anywhere in Detroit (the 4g is great around the D, OK in the burbs) so I'm definitley getting full internet access, but its just apps that use it won't work right. I know 4 sho torrents are not blocked cause it started working again on 4g today and I downloaded those 13 new 50 Cent freestyles, as soon as I turned the phone off and back on the shows on tv shows stream went back to the server maitnence error message (they just worked perfectly), same for the torrents with no error message, they just never start to download. I'm confused......
  4. msvijai

    msvijai New Member

    I am also having the same issue but mine is 3G network. I am able to reach internet via the default browser or any installed browser but the other applications like gmail, gtalk and skype says "there is no internet connection". But i am able to browse the same pages via the browser.

    Pls help.

    Thanks in Advance.

    -Vijay S
  5. lingming

    lingming Well-Known Member

    if your need to metro you might have the new plan 40 = 250mb of 4g speed 50=2.5g 60= 5g 70= all you can use but if you use to much they will cap you

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