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    There seems to be a problem with LG's camera implementation. We have seen similar problems with their Windows Mobile implementations. Typically they don't follow the specs dictated by the operating system. In this case it would seem that we might be able to make a few changes in our code to support their nonstandard implementation, but there is a bigger chance that it will take a firmware update from LG. This was the case on several other phones released recently including the Pulse.

    Anyway, we are just now seeing downloads of ShopSavvy on the LG Intouch Max so we should know more soon. If you have a great contact at LG please pass it along - our contacts are more on the business development side (i.e. non-technical). Visit our site for more information: Big in Japan | faq
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    i just got the same program and was having the same problem, i found if i hold the camera abit further away it will scan it most of the time

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