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  1. Kristara

    Kristara Member

    Hey, I'm new on here so all apologies for repeats or any other mistakes...
    I'm probably buying a used (7mo) AT&T GS2 today that is rooted and unlocked, it's $185, I know absolutely nothing about rooted phones, i emphasize nothing lol, is there anything i need to look for specifically, what questions should I ask the seller? I'm buying it to put on straight talks service and will test it with an already active ST sim card to make sure it works before handing over the cash but are there any big "no-no's" or problems that can rise from purchasing an already rooted phone or something that could be wrong that the un-technological person like me may not realize until its too late?
    Please any help asap would be awesome again i know nothing about rooted phones

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Tell him to show you its' unlocked first off...this will require him to boot into recovery mode...

    Otherwise you might want to see if he put a custom ROM on it..

    Lastly, there really could be nothing wrong with the device if it is rooted/unlocked...I would just check the SIM before you leave and maybe check the Wifi :)

    Hope this helps!
  3. Kristara

    Kristara Member

    what do you mean show me it's unlocked?
    (sorry i truly know nothing about this type of stuff beyond unlocked means i can use on multiple providers and rooted means im the admin on the phone, I use my current android stock and am pretty nervous about jumping head first into the tech side of phones lol)
  4. Kristara

    Kristara Member

    and how do i see if he put a custom rom on it and if so is that good or bad?

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