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  1. Dave46

    Dave46 Member

    Hi back again,

    I've changed my network provider and of course need to swap my sim. I'm just a bit worried that I'll loose my contacts which I'm guessing are stored on my vodafone sim? I've heard that you can use gmail (which I already have) to back up but I'm having trouble working out how to do this. Any help would be brilliant. Thanks

  2. johncf

    johncf Well-Known Member

    hi there, i do not know how to back them up with google, but the easiest way to back them up is to go to menu>people>menu> ( settings? i dont have my phone to check), and in there some where is the option to back up all your contacts to your sd card.

    when you have done, put this sd card in your new phone and import from there.
  3. mbatson89

    mbatson89 Well-Known Member

    Check under accounts and sync, under your google account you shold have the option to 'sync contacts' check this option and let it do it's sync.

    Log in to your gmail on a computer and just double check your contacts are all there as they should be. The phone will do it all itself and then if you were to pick up any other android phone and enter your google account details it will repopulate all your contacts for you
  4. Dave46

    Dave46 Member

    Thanks, gone in and sync but its not bringing any contacts into gmail, just one for me. Any ideas?
  5. Cornflake

    Cornflake Well-Known Member

    Check this out: How do I sync android phone contacts to my online gmail acct? - Gmail Help

    Poster Eric_DL is the one to watch out for but it's worth reading the whole (2-page) thread before acting.
    Maybe his most important point is this:

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