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  1. stryker707

    stryker707 Member

    I don't know what this is, but when I looked at my screen today on a white screen, I noticed a very small black dot or speck. At first I thought it was just some dust so I brushed off the screen - but it was still there! I even flet over the area to make sure it wasnt a scratch, no scratch! perfectly smooth on top. I even restarted the phone to see if it was some software display issue.

    Nothing is making this stupid thing go away! I have never dropped the phone or anything, does anyone have a clue what it is?

  2. Awful

    Awful Well-Known Member

    Stuck or dead pixel?
  3. stryker707

    stryker707 Member

    Has there ever been a pixel issue w/ the evo phones? I've yet to see anything, I'd hate to be the first to experience it
  4. ThatNewAndroidGuy

    ThatNewAndroidGuy Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure it could be a stuck/dead pixel. I have a red/pinkish one towards then edge of my screen.
  5. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Well-Known Member

    Yes, there was widespread issues with "the b key" or something like that. A lot of reports of the same exact stuck pixel.

    Download the pixel fixer app from the market. That will sometimes work. If it doesn't then return it for a hardware defect!
  6. yes, I've had three evo's with dead pixels.

    Download Screen Test from the market. If it happens on all colors, then its a dead pixel. take it into sprint for a replacement.
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  7. stryker707

    stryker707 Member

    Okay so I dont know if this sucks more or less. I ran the Screen Test app (thanks btw) but none of the screens altered the state of the "speck". I believe that somehow there is dust stuck behind my screen, one damn speck of dust. I dont know how it got there or what to do now but I'm pretty sure it's not a dead pixel.

    If anyone has any suggestions that'd be great
  8. The only thing you can do it take it to sprint. They will either give you a whole replacement phone, or if they have the parts/time, they will replace the screen.

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