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  1. ITemplate

    ITemplate Well-Known Member


    So I got a new (2012) car with BlueTooth. When I initiate pairing, I'm asked for 4-digit code displayed on the car. But before I can enter that code, the formular/screen exits and it says "Unable to connect" on my SGS2. Tried it 10 times with same result. After that it does actually connect (and works) with phone. But the music streaming is not an option.

    My other car has a Sony stereo which the SGS2 connects just fine to, both phone and music.

    I guess it's a compatibility issue between ICS BT and my new car's BT. What can I do besides cry at the car-dealer (where he will laugh and tell me to get another phone)? Are there programs/updates/whatever that can help me?


  2. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Mine works great on both of my cars. However occasionally it will not connect and the only solution i find is to switch the engine off and restart.
    I also find it's more reliable if Bluetooth is all set and enabled on the phone before turning on the engine compared with switching on Bluetooth on at the phone after starting the engine.

    Also, it's worth telling us what firmware and kernel you're on, as there are possible compatibility issues on certain combinations.
  3. ITemplate

    ITemplate Well-Known Member

    Hm yes, I think these are the numbers you talk about?

    Version: I9100XXLPX
    Kernel: 3.0.15-I9100XWLPG-CL619441

  4. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Not quite. Lpx is your base band (modem). In settings, about phone, what does it say for build number? As your kernel is lpg the bt compatibility issues doesn't apply to you anyway but no harm in posting up the info
  5. ITemplate

    ITemplate Well-Known Member

    Build number: IML74K.XWLPG.

    Thanks for the info about not having the faulty kernel. I just got off the phone with Renault (car is a Renault Grand Scenic, new 2012 model) and it turns out that there is an update to the bluetooth software on my model. So fingers crossed that it fixes my issues - will report back next Wednesday where my car has an appointment :)


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