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  1. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member

    I installed Virtuous 3.2 and all was great and snappy.. then installed a battery mod and no I'm in a continuous boot loop...

    I dont mind going back to 3.2 without the mod... but how do I do this??

    can't do anything on my phone bc it reboots in the middle... i have maybe 10 seconds...


    -i know there are plenty of threads on boot loops, but there are too many and i cant find an answer that works for me yet...

  2. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Hopefully you made a nandriod backup. If so, go into hboot instead of turning on the phone normally and enter recovery through hboot. Then restore from there. If you didn't make a backup, reload the Rom from the SD card also using recovery.
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  3. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member


    I got out of the boot loop by quickly shutting down my phone in that 10 second window then restarted into HBOOT to reinstall Virtuous 3.2.

    Once reinstalled everything was snappy again (this time I DID NOT reinstall the battery mod). The phone was fantastic for about 2 hours while I restored everything from titanium backup, then out of nowhere went BACK INTO A BOOT LOOP!!

    Then I shut the phone off and just tried to do a nandroid restore, hoping it would put me back on 3.1, but upon reboot I never even got to the Red Droid Eye part... did a battery pull and then loaded to HBOOT... and tried an older nandroid backup, this got me into the phone (swiped down to open bar) but once I did that I saw the multicolored bubble wallpaper and then they asked me to setup my Dolphin Browser and my QuickDesk. After that I could NOT get to the homescreen.

    So I battery pulled... HBOOT....

    this is where I am now... I loved 3.2 for the few hours I had it working, any clue what I am doing to mess it up? Is the problem with Virtuous 3.2?

    ALSO, when restoring from Titanium Backup, I know to do the Batch Restore of all APPS + DATA - but for the first 150 apps it asks me if i want to install, but for the last 100 (htc programs etc) it installs them automatically... is there anyway to automate the entire process??

  4. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Not sure I'm quite onboard with where you are at in your efforts but if you have a nand backup of your current setup (minus the battery mod), I'd try that again. If I understand your previous post, you tried that already but it didn't boot properly. I'd give it another shot and be extremely patient on the bootup. Might take awhile. If it loops again, we can re-evaluate.
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  5. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    The paid version of Titanium will eliminate the need to manually restore anything. One click and they all restore.
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  6. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member

    for titanium backup..

    should i restore APPS + DATA
    or just APPS????

    is it reasonable to think that my old data might be causing the issues?

    I did do a factory wipe already..
  7. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member

    If i get the paid version now... will that be able to restore everything that was stored with the unpaid version???
  8. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Shouldn't be a problem to do apps/data. I use the option "install missing apps + data". Just generally avoid restoring system data.
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  9. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    I bought it right off the bat so I didnt make the conversion however id feel confident it would transfer just fine. Its just unlocking better options to the user.
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  10. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member

    Got Titanium Pro... restoring MISSING APPS + DATA as we speak..

    hope this all works...

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR REPLYING SO QUICKLY!! Saving me a trip to the ER
  11. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member

    Think it will be ok to re-install my blue circle (multi-colored) battery mod? Should I try to find a newer version of it?
  12. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    That I dont know. Guess id be a little wary since it looped you last time. If you do decide to give it another go, do a brand new nand backup beforehand so you have a return point thats identical to your current setup.
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  13. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member

    Did Titanium MISSING APPS + DATA after about 30-40 minutes I went into boot loop... (did not do the battery mod)

    is it possible it is the version I of 3.2 I have? I got it from the virtuous site..
    Guess I'll just do a factory reset and no data, and see what happens...

    will take forever to re-setup my launcher pro setup... can I just do the data for that?
  14. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member

    also, I read somewhere for Virtuous 3.2 one needs HBOOT 0.92..

    A) how do I check if I have this HBOOT?
    B) if I can load the ZIP that I have and use it for about an hour or two before things go haywire.. does that mean it installed properly?
  15. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Your current version of hboot will show up on the hboot screen. Sounds like you may want to try apps only like you mentioned and yes you can restore LP data only and not all others.

    It is slightly bothersome though, that you are getting a bootloop after a Nand restore...a point that was prevously working well. Leads me to believe the culprit might be an app that has been installed since that time that's borking the system after it's being restored via Titanium. Can you think of any installs between the Nandroid and now? If so, you might try restoring apps/data but de-selecting any new additions and restore them in a separate operation as app only. Just a thought.
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  16. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member

    there is no option to just install apps... maybe through appbrain...
  17. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Make sure you're not installing "Missing apps + all system data". If so, that could be your problem right there.

    You want Menu > Batch > Restore Missing apps with data

    Once you select that, on the next screen, there are a series of dots near the top of the screen. You can select "app + data", "app only", or "data only".

    My thought was to uncheck any new apps that have been installed since the Nandroid. For the remaing apps, you'd restore app + data. Then once done, verify that it's not causing a bootloop. If you're good, then go back and restore missing apps with data once again only this time unselect everything except any new app additions since the Nandroid. Theortically those should be the only apps left since you just restored the others. So this time around, when choosing the apps, highlight the "app only" circle, then run the batch operation.
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  18. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member

    So after just installing APPS (no data) and de-selecting the recent apps... I still went back into a boot loop.... no clue!

    I did spend most of today with my phone factory reseted... so no apps, just all my contacts and the stock apps and phone worked perfectly.

    So I think I am just going to start from scratch!!
    I do have appbrain but I'm just going to load my apps one at a time; this will also allow me to cut out most of my clutter, but will take some time.

    My current question is...
    once I start fresh, and I want to reload titanium backup (and other apps) what do I do with my SD card?? should I just wipe the SD card now???
    Can I do that? just move EVERYTHING from my SD to my computer? and just insert a BLANK SD into phone??

  19. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Gotta tell ya bro, this one has me floored. I've never seen this much trouble choosing the safe restore methods much less on Virtuous, arguably the most stable Rom ever invented.

    What you're talking about seems like a LOT of work. I'd be inclined to either find a new rom and try reloading apps & data with it or perhaps try a different kernel on your current rom.

    Do you overclock at all? Is your phone powering down out of nowhere and then going into a bootloop or how do you end up in these boot loops all the time? Are you rebooting the phone regularly just to test it out since it's been a problem in recent days?
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  20. XXXdc5

    XXXdc5 Well-Known Member

    OMG good luck to you man. Pretty insane story in here ha. Doesn't pertain to me but i read the thread to gain some knowledge and i definitely picked up a few things. :) thanks
  21. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member

    I know.. this is why I chose Virtuous!!
    It must have been some random app that did this, unfortunately I have no clue which one.

    I do not overclock at all, only underclock with SetCPU (may add a kernel but first I want to get everything just about back to the way things were then do a nandroid first).
    Bootloops just start up about 5 min after Titanium Backup finishes restoring my MISSING APPS + DATA

    I was thinking about trying an Appbrain restore of my apps, but I figure I'll start fresh, go slowly and see if I encounter anything. Also, this will allow me to re-assess all the garbage apps that were on my phone that I never bothered to uninstall.

    So far I have my staple apps back and Virtuous 3.2 is running great!!

    I will wait a few days, add some more apps then do a nandroid....

    SHOULD I WIPE IT CLEAN? I don't want my newly downloaded (but previously installed apps) to go and use old data.... scared of it causing more boot loops??
  22. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member

    Glad I could help out....
    If my misery can help someone out in the future, then great. No sense in us all falling into the same holes.

    This forum has helped me a lot since I got my phone Day 1 (even answered many of my questions prior to Day 1) and glad I can finally pay it forward.
  23. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    After visiting with sdrawkcab25 about your issue, he came up with what I think is a better idea. Do a batch operation for "Delete backups for un-installed apps". I trust his opinion on these matters and if it were my phone that's exactly the route I'd take...other than I'd have ran out of patience by now and flashed a different Rom. :D
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  24. JSS12

    JSS12 Well-Known Member

    Will give that a shot as soon as I have a moment,

    The THANK YOU was for your diligent effort in trying to help me out!

  25. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Sounds good. Don't forget to make a new Titanium and nand backup once you get all your apps loaded and all is stable. I'd almost lean toward deleting your previous nand backup at that point also since its proven to be of little value and could possibly even be detrimental if reloaded.

    Looking forward to hearing the end result of this one.
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