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[help] booting Fujitsu F-10D not powering on

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  1. jflag

    jflag New Member

    My phone suddenly dosent power on. I tested the battery with a tester and it's fully charged. Anyone had a power problem with an Arrows X? Please help me!

    The weird thing is I bought my phone at the same time as a friend and his phone stopped working a week ago also!!


  2. jflag

    jflag New Member

    When I press the power button, the red charging light blinks 3 time. Any debugging idea?
  3. jflag

    jflag New Member

    Help me :(
  4. fujitsuf10d

    fujitsuf10d New Member

    please help me i have the same problem
  5. fujitsuf10d

    fujitsuf10d New Member

  6. fujitsuf10d

    fujitsuf10d New Member

    hi did ur f10d ok already?

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