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  1. aimarkid21

    aimarkid21 Member

    Recently every time I connect my SII to my computer, the BSOD pops up with the error message "Bad_Pool_Header" I then uninstalled KIES and everything is fine again, but as soon as I reinstall KIES, the problem comes back again.

    The same problem occurred when I tried plugging in my phone to my other computer, and uninstalling KIES fixed it as well.

    Both of my computers are running Windows XP, I'm not sure if that's a coincidence or what.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling all my usb port drivers but that didn't fix it.

    I appreciate if anyone can give me some suggestions on how to solve this problem because it's been very annoying to me.

  2. aimarkid21

    aimarkid21 Member

    Okay, I think I might have found a solution to my problem.

    I chatted with a tech guy from Samsung. He suggested me to first uninstalled KIES, then disable my antivirus, then reinstall KIES, restart computer and finally turn back on my antivirus.

    I followed his instructions and the BSOD is gone now.

    I will try this on my other computer and see if the problem goes away. I will post my update later tonight.
  3. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi aimarkid :ciao:

    I saw your post this morning but didn't have time to post before work. Thanks for posting Samsung's response. I have seen that suggestion before from others. Hope it cured your problem.

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