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  1. mobsper

    mobsper New Member

    dear reader,
    my camera will not work.
    every time I open the app it says "error cannot connect to camera.
    ive did everything from power cycling and data reset. it does not work please help.

  2. Dvncn

    Dvncn Active Member

    Does it not work on the stock rom or are you on another rom? Also did you
    accidentally delete any important files that the camera needs to work with?
  3. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Mobsper, welcome to Android Forums. I wish it were under better circumstances for you, but hope we can help you get it worked out.

    BTW, is your phone rooted?
  4. owais52

    owais52 New Member

    what should be done if I accidentally deleted a file while deleting another app that might be using camera
  5. MacinTime

    MacinTime Active Member

    Restore it

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