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Help: Can I use a US Cellular GS4 on VZW?General

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  1. jwill182

    jwill182 Member

    I'm not eligible for an upgrade yet and so I browse craigslist in my area for GS4's for sale from time to time... and I am constantly seeing them for US Cellular for as cheap as $350 at times, and I see a lot of the posts saying they can be used on any carrier. I'm a bit skeptical of this, for obvious reasons, but I wondered if it would work on Verizon since they both are CDMA networks?

    Sorry if this was already asked somewhere, I looked in US Cellular forum, Verizon forum, GS4 Forum, tried the search bar... couldn't find this or anything other than people asking about Google's phones, so I wasn't sure.

    Thanks in advance for the help, I'm not on here often and am not a techy guy, so any help is appreciated.

  2. WalkaboutDavid

    WalkaboutDavid Well-Known Member


    LTE frequencies are not identical across carriers. There is also the problem of the phone being locked.

    You could get a VZW Nexus or S3 for well under $300. Dailysteals usually has reconditioned Samsing Nexus for $200.
  3. jwill182

    jwill182 Member

    Thanks for the info on the LTE, I didn't know that! Sucks to be me, lol.

    I already have an S3 though, but thanks for that advice. I hate waiting, and normally I'd find a way to get the phone anyways...but being so close to eligible...didn't want to be wasteful. I can upgrade a week early, so I only have about 5 weeks to go. So, unless I found one on Craigslist that I could get for barely more than I could get by selling my S3, I didn't want to do it. I guess US Cellular just isn't that big here, cause their phones are much cheaper compared to the other carriers.

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