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Help!! cant boot my phone normally after OTA update!Support

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  1. misterff1

    misterff1 New Member


    Recently i have rooted my phone. Yesterday i got this message that there was a software update available, so i donwloaded the update. When it restarted to apply the update it booted into ClockWorkMod Recovery and i couldn't boot it normally anymore. I have already tried to apply the update in clockworkmod, but it says: can't find /sdcard/update.zip no such file or directory. so this doesn't work.

    Can anybody tell me how i can get my phone back to work again??

    i have a rooted LG Optimus L3

    Plz help me..


  2. Angel Reaper

    Angel Reaper New Member

    Hi! I've also encountered the same problem with my L3.

    I've followed the steps on the xda forum and help me get out of the bootloop by CWM.

    Just google "xda L3 bootloop" and check page48, download links for recovery.img is also there. You also need to install your lg driver from the cd or from net to have adb working properly.
  3. misterff1

    misterff1 New Member

    okay, i'm going to try it..

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