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    Feb 14, 2012
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    Got an android LG Optimus Pro (C660) phone. I was able to connect to the internet before. Then i bought a new sim card from Vodaphone. The saleslady was exchanging the sim cards and when she returned the phone to me, there was a prompt that "apn.droid (or something like that, i forgot) has stopped working". You'd either have to choose "wait" or "force close". I chose force close :( and after that i am not anymore able to connect to the internet through 3g! I am still able to do wifi. Help!!!

    More info... On the phone setting using *#*#4636#*#* i got this:
    PingIpAddr: fail, ip addr not reachable
    Ping hostname ( fail, host unreachable
    Http client test: fail ioexception
    Gprs service: disconnected
    Set preferred network type:
    Wcdma preferred (this is the one chosen now)


    Thanks guys!! Any help is appreciated.


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