Help - can't export contacts from SG SII to SIM

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  1. Peyesces

    Peyesces New Member

    I have a very urgent need to reinstall my SG SII, but want to save my contacts to SIM before this. BUT - when I select the contacts to export I just get the message "0 contacts were copied" ... Help, what do I do? Anyboby knows what is wrong?



  2. mike rosoff

    mike rosoff Member

    Try to export to ur ext sdcard instead.
  3. Peyesces

    Peyesces New Member

    Thanks - but I don't know how to do this. I only have the options to either import from/export to SIM ... :-(
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Seriously? I didn't think Android even supported exporting to SIM (unless Samsung have modified that). Export to SD is a standard android contacts app feature - on my phone it doesn't even say export to sd, just import/export.

    OK, if there's no option there, there are a few contacts backup apps available in the Play Store that can do this, and general backup apps like MyBackup, so just install and run one of those.

    I assume that you have not stored your contacts as Google contacts - if you have, then they should be backed up to your GMail account already. To check, log in to GMail from a browser, click on the red word "GMail" and select "Contacts", and see whether they are there.
  5. mike rosoff

    mike rosoff Member

    Strange. Unless u don't have an ext sdcard installed. Another option is to sync ur contacts to with ur google account (accounts-select ur gmail account then press sync button).

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