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  1. keegank

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    Yesterday (stupidly) I was challenged to do a standing back flip and I (stupidly) agreed. If you haven't figured out where this is going, here's the point; I forgot my Galaxy Nexus was in my pocket and it fell out causing the screen to crack. It's mostly blackedout with touch function unuseable. No big deal, I've got Asurion...EXCEPT I can't pull any of my data off the phone because of the lock screen(my data including important work files and pics of nostalgic and fond memories which have been added since my last full backup). It gets worse...Yesterday morning, while messing with some features and settings I (again, stupidly) turned USB debugging off, so adb is not possible. Oh yeah, and I'm not rooted. Can anyone help? Is there anyway around this or am I totally screwed?:shot::banghead:

  2. Metroid Prime

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    Moved to Samsung Galaxy Nexus section. :)
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  5. iowabowtech

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    If you didn't have the pics autosyncing somewhere (Google+, Photobucket, etc) I don't see any recourse unless you can somehow blind press the screen to re-enable it. If its accepting presses but the selections just can't be seen that is. But if the screen is broken, this may not even be the case.

    Otherwise if the files are super important, you could attempt to replace it yourself as was already mentioned. Problem being if you fail, I'm guessing the insurance would consider it a tampered phone? Not sure on that.
  6. Demache

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    I'm not entirely sure either, but since you have to pay a deductible to get the phone replaced anyway, I'm assuming they will replace it no matter what. You dropping the phone and you breaking it because you tampered with it doesn't make a difference to them.

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