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  1. apinkel

    apinkel Well-Known Member

    Yahoo does (or at least did) allow imap access. But it's always been crappy. This caused all kinds of problems for Windows Phone 7 as yahoo's imap implementation is non-standard.

    I've reverted to their android app but I'm not a fan of it. It auto-downloads images (allowing email marketers to track which emails I've read and slows the app down as well as using up bandwidth), I've also had problems with it sync'ing consistently and I find it a bit cumbersome to use.

    Kinda the pits since I've been using yahoo mail since around 2000, but between the mobile issues and the fact that they don't have ssl for their web mail client... I'm about ready to abandon them.

    Somebody needs to kick those guys in the tail.

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  2. OhOneWS6

    OhOneWS6 Well-Known Member

    Well Crap. Now K9 does not work with that account. It shows the mail through yesterday but nothing newer than that. If I delete that account and try to re add it I get a message saying it can not authorize.
  3. SuperC142

    SuperC142 Well-Known Member

    Well, I've tossed out a few ideas in this thread, but don't think I've been very helpful. However, I can say this: it doesn't even make sense to say it's an incompatibility with the Andorid OS and Yahoo Mail. Whatever communication protocal we're talking about, POP3, IMAP, or something proprietary, it runs over TCP, which runs over IP. Android supports TCP and that's all it needs to do. After that, it's an incompatibility between a client app and the server (Yahoo). I don't know if this is because Yahoo is doing something non-standard or the stock mail client is doing something wrong, but the problem is certainly with one of the two. As I said earlier, for me, K9 Mail has worked perfectly with Yahoo Mail for a very long time (and I'm still using it today). Whatever my K9 Mail app is doing, in theory, the stock email app should be able to do.

    Sorry for the rant, but that rep claiming that there was an incompatibility between Android OS and Yahoo Mail got my proverbial goat. ;-)
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  4. SuperC142

    SuperC142 Well-Known Member

    So weird! Am I just ultra lucky that mine still works?

    I'd just point out: if K9 is exhibiting the same symptoms for you, then that definitely points to it being a problem on Yahoo's end, and not a problem with HTC's software.
  5. OhOneWS6

    OhOneWS6 Well-Known Member

    I submitted to yahoo mobile help yesterday. Still no response from them. Here is the latest response I received HTC: (This did not work for me)

    Thank you for your response.

    Yahoo placed the Yahoo Mail application on the Android Market as a resolution to this issue. You can try to setup your Yahoo Email account on the device using the following settings. When you go to Mail>More>New Account>Choose Yahoo>Enter your Email and Password>Select Manual Setup. You can try to set the account up using POP3 settings or IMAP. Here are both the Incoming and Outgoing servers that you can attempt to use for POP3 and IMAP.

    Incoming -
    Outgoing -
    Incoming -
    Outgoing -

    If the account will not setup properly on your device, the Yahoo Mail application is the only workaround we have for this issue. Within the Yahoo Mail Application, you can add multiple accounts by using the following steps.

    1. Tap on the Yahoo Mail app.
    2. Tap Accounts.
    3. Then tap Manage.
    4. Tap Add Account.
    5. Enter the Username & Password for the second account.
    6. Then tap Add.

    I do not have any information at this time regarding any other fixes that may be released regarding Yahoo and Android. I do apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.
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  6. OhOneWS6

    OhOneWS6 Well-Known Member

    I agree completely. I am going to try K9 again later today. The one thing I did is change my Yahoo password. After setting that account up on several different phone over the last couple of days I figured I better change it. I know I am using the correct password. Maybe it just has not propagated to the IMAP server yet. I'll report back later... If anyone is still interested that is.
  7. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    yahoo for me is now not working.
    i switched out handsets and re-setup yahoo. it went thru the steps fine however it shows no email. see the folders but nothing..

    alas i have installed the yahoo mail app..

    seems resistance is futile here.. :D
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  8. dgrobe2112

    dgrobe2112 Well-Known Member Contributor

    i am trying to delete all emails.. what happened to the menu mark all, and delete? did they change it? thanks
  9. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    are you using the app for android or stock htc mail app?
  10. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Well-Known Member

    It's weird now you have to check mark one email then go to menu select all. But all of a sudden my Yahoo quit working again. I sent a test to me and my friend and neither one of us got it. So I just deleted my account. I guess I'll get the Yahoo app too but everyone said it's a battery hog or it takes up lots of memory or something. But I guess it's better than going to the web. Or can you set it up as pop and have like yahoo forward to another account? Or is that a pain to do. Guess I'll just try the app.

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  11. isja693

    isja693 Member

    Ok I will tell you how a got around this problem with a little background. I got a new HTC EVO 3D to replace my currect HTC EVO (which my mom is going to use, my mom has never used a smart phone). So I reset the phone, setup her yahoo mail and her inbox said no messages. So I then entered my yahoo email (under add account) into the phone and the HTC mail program worked fine (pulled in all my email). I created two new test email accounts at yahoo, one worked the other one didn't. I have two other HTC evo phones (I added my account to my daughters phone, everything worked fine, I added my mom account to her phone (same issue no email in the inbox). The issue is with the yahoo email account and not with any of the phones. On my HTC Evo 3d my yahoo account worked fine, on my moms account it still says "no messages" in the inbox. So this is my workaround and its kinda ugly but it works:

    1. Create a google email (gmail) account (I used the same name my mom already had).
    2. Use the import feature in google to transfer contacts and email from the yahoo account. (after you setup the gmail account you will get 3 new email messages in you inbox and 1 of them has a hyper link to start the process).
    3. Under the import I select that when she uses the gmail account to sign her email with the yahoo account as the default.
    now it gets a little tricky hear.......
    4. sign into yahoo mail and change your region to Yahoo asia
    5. Select mail options and then POP (if your region says usa, yahoo will want to charge you 20 bucks a year to forward you mail, if you set your region up correctly it will let you forward you mail to your gmail account.
    6. setup your new gmail account using HTC mail

    you should get all your email in your inbox, you don't have to tell anyone your email address has changed, the only downfall is that use have to use gmail as your primary mail interface. I like that HTC mail tells you how many unread messages you have (its not the best solution, but it works).
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  12. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I think I'm just going to bookmark my Yahoo mail page and call it good for now. :p

    On their web mail, upper right, is a Mobile Mail link - enter your phone number, receive the SMS.

    It gives two links. This one doesn't work: but the first link (the one full of alphabet soup) does work.

    Ideal? No.

    Preferred? No.

    Works for now? Yes.
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  13. isja693

    isja693 Member

    Earlymon, I would do what I suggested (google account and then forward yahoo mail to this account). I like the HTC mail over the yahoo mail app. When you respond to email from google, it will still say it came from your yahoo account
  14. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Well-Known Member

    I tried deleting my yahoo app and setting up one more time using pop and putting in the pop settings and it kept saying authentication failed check username and password which was correct. I'm getting the app now I guess. My friend is using it. Well I decided to try yahoo mail mobile 1st I sent myself the link via text.
  15. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Yeah - I'm missing something, mail forward was the firs thing I looked for but on the Yahoo mail page, Options, Mail Options, POP & Forwarding, it says I need Yahoo! Plus to activate the features.

    So - I got confused by the time I got to your instructions. Let's see if you can de-confuse me (my bad if you can't!) -

    OK - you're saying to get _another_ gmail account specifically to match the forwarding on the Yahoo account? (Luckily for me, my gmail name != my yahoo name.)

    Set Yahoo mail region on existing account to Asia?

    And when you reply to a message, it comes from the forwarded new Gmail account, right?
  16. isja693

    isja693 Member

    Rose4uKy - If you are trying my instructions setup your gmail account on your phone using the imap settings. Everything from your yahoo account will be forwarded to it once you setup POP & Forwarding.

    Earlmon - So when you change your yahoo region to "Asia" you no longer have to be Yahoo plus member to do POP & forwarding (don't ask me why, I didn't figure it out but it works....) use web link below, and change region to "Asia" and then go back to mail options and then "pop forwarding" and forward your yahoo mail to your gmail account
    How do I change my country region in Yahoo? - Yahoo! Answers NZ

    when you reply to an email (via gmail) you have the option under your "import setting" to use your or your Its your choice, the benifit is that you don't have to tell your friends your email address has changed.

    Keep asking more questions, I will try to explain more if needed.
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  17. yolky

    yolky Member

    I really recommend people use the Yahoo Mail App for Yahoo. I ditched the hTC mail app long long ago. I currently use yahoo for my junk mail and my gmail for everything else. No problems with the Yahoo Mail app at all.
  18. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    if you want gmail to grab your pop mail, you can do that in the google account on the computer. i have been forwarding my yahoo mail to gmail for years now as well as my personal pops. you do that from gmail. you dont need yahoo plus... :p
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  19. isja693

    isja693 Member

    I like the HTC mail (unread message count), I know it stupid but its something I like. I agree if yahoo app has a nicer interface, but the uread message count was more important to me.....versus the yahoo app interface. JMO
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  20. isja693

    isja693 Member

    If you set your language to yahoo asia, you don't have to pay for "pop forwarding" in yahoo.
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  21. fascinated

    fascinated Well-Known Member

    Is it HTC's or Yahoo's problem. Something just doesn't add up. This is not related to the EVO, but us Incredible 2 users are having the same issue.

    I just confirmed this problem with Verizon data support and they said it is a wide spread issue with Yahoo and not just HTC related. Apparently this is causing issues across various Android phones as well as some authentication issues with iPhones.

    Support mentioned they are getting hammered with calls about this right now. Had no estimate of when it would be fixed.
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  22. OhOneWS6

    OhOneWS6 Well-Known Member

    My yahoo account is working again in K9. Guess it was a propagation issue with the password. Still not a good solutions for me as K9 is not working with activesync for my exchange account and as far as I can tell it does not display new messages count on the icon.

    This is my first android phone. Can someone verify this is a new issue or is this something that has been on going for quite some time. If it is a new issue I am confident it will be resolved. If it is an issue that has been around for several months I am going to look at a different platform. Worst case Ive got 30 days to wait for a resolution before my no cost return option runs out with Sprint.
  23. isja693

    isja693 Member

    its yahoo problem, my email works fine on 4 different HTC phones (3 evos and 1 evo 3d), the problem follows the user, its not a phone issue. I talked to a yahoo support person and all they had me do is check my imap settings, i replied back saying it didn't work and haven't heard anything for 3 days........I don't think they know what is going on.....I added two test accounts about 4 days ago, 1 worked on all the evo devices, the other account doesn't work on any of the evo devices.....
  24. isja693

    isja693 Member

    OHonews6 - did you try my gmail/yahoo solution using HTC mail?
  25. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Well-Known Member

    I wasn't trying the gmail forwarding I had just deleted my yahoo account and was trying to readd it as pop instead of imap that is what didn't work. I saw where someone posted the settings for pop and I thought they were saying if you set it up as imap instead of pop it will work. My gmail username is also the same name as my yahoo so I could do the pop forwarding thing. But for now I had the mobile mail link sent to me as a text and I bookmarked the page and Miren browser asked me if I wanted to make a desktop shortcut so I have a shortcut on my phone. I too like seeing the number count but for now I'll use this. The app didn't get enough good reviews for me to try but I guess I could and see what I think than delete it.

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