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Support Help! Cant play music from SD card anymore!!

  1. bigtruckandy

    bigtruckandy New Member

    I have a droid3, verizon, have 32gb sd card, listened to music on it for last 2 months, worked great, no real problems til i tried to add music. have tried to add music, caused stuttering problems, then reformat the card and recopy music (with additional music) and now doesnt play files at all! When i take the sd card out, all music apps still think the music is there... Uninstalling and reinstalling the music apps does nothing to change this... Is there anyway to reset registry for the phone's internal memory with doing a factory reset?

  2. redsox985

    redsox985 Well-Known Member

    Is your music an incompatible format? Is is located in the Playlist folder?
  3. bigtruckandy

    bigtruckandy New Member

    not incompatible, same music played on phone before added some more music. same music plays on computer from microsd card no problem. not in playlist, never was, just initially played from microsd card and worked fine for months til I updated the collection by adding more music. then songs wouldnt play right away or not at all, but still worked for a while. Then I tried to reformat the sd card and changed the name of the music directory (from 'music' to 'my music'), and now, nothing plays. Even when i take the sdcard out, restart the phone and all music (motorola, google and poweramp) apps, they all think the music is still accessible. I have even tried selecting music files from sd card from "Files" app, and they wont play! Same sd card plays same music when plugged into my laptop!!
  4. redsox985

    redsox985 Well-Known Member

    I wasn't saying it was in A playlist, I'm saying that the phone creates a folder called Playlists and that's where all of my music is stored. All I can think of is to do a full format (not quick format) and make sure it is formatted as FAT32, not NTFS or whatever the order is, and then place it into the phone and reboot, allowing the phone to first populate the card with its folders and files. Then I would try readding the music via USB mass storage mode, not by removing the SD card.

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