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  1. sniper1977

    sniper1977 Active Member

    Hi i have just unlocked my new samsung galaxy ace which was on 3 mobile, im using my t mobile contract sim in it and cant send txts, i can receive messages just not send them, i got the t mobile website to send me the settings for sms but its still not sending, just saying failed.

    can anyone help? maybe if someone gave me the input details i could manually put them in?


  2. saintetienne

    saintetienne Active Member

    Did you get to the bottom of this ? - same problem here , appears it may be relative to t mobile ,

  3. 1701Will

    1701Will New Member

    My phone is having a similar problem after I updated the O.S. to a dutch one and my network changed from 3 to 3telstra (or something similar) I've even got an English update and I have the same trouble plus my settings won't work - and I've got a android box for the settings icon!

    Anyone able to help?
  4. Marcha

    Marcha Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,
    It might be a T-Mobile problem. Just to be sure, have you checked if the number of the Message Centre is still there in your text message settings? Sometimes it disappears without any apparent reason. The number depends on your country. I found the following numbers: UK: +447958879879; USA: +12063130004; Netherlands: +31624000000.

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