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Help! Can't sync my phoneSupport

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  1. loadstone007

    loadstone007 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jan 12, 2011
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    Hi all,
    I'm trying to sync my contacts on my phone with Outlook 2010 (on Windows 7). At first the laptop didn't recognize the phone, so I had to install the Samsung suite. It then recognized it, but said that syncing the contacts is not supported on my device (!$@!$)!
    I tried to download several apps for this purpose, but it didn't work. Only one app gave a small sign of success, but only exported 10 contacts out of more than 100.

    How can I sync my contacts with Outlook 2010? What are the simplest options?
    I have an old rom, came original with the device (I think it's 1.5).



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