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Help choosing a tablet

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  1. Adrian4408

    Adrian4408 Active Member

    I'm returning to Android from the evil that is Apple. Trying to get rid of my iphone 4 & put the money towards a lower end smart phone (thinking the Sony Xperia Miro or Samsung Galaxy Ace) & a tablet as I spend most of my life on the road & want something lighter & easy to carry than my heavy laptop.

    I'm looking at spending around 300-350

  2. twistedgeminid

    twistedgeminid Well-Known Member

    Id go with a customizable tablet like samsung or acer or something. I'm new to the tablet world but have used droids for a few years now. Getting a customizable tablet is beneficial cuz u can root it, keep stock rom and delete some useless apps or put a whole new rom on it entirely plus faster speeds while using. U won't regret getting a droid. Sorry I'm not too specific cuz it really just depends on the users preference. Like dual core tablet or single core. Things like that. Hope it helps
  3. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    Tablet i would get the Nexus 7 only.

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