help choosing apad I`m new to this

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  1. vicv

    vicv New Member

    Hello, can I please get some advice??

    This is whant Im looking for. A 7 inch tablet around under $300 with shipping. Android 1.6 or higher. it would be nice to have a webcam and optional gps. And something thats available are some questions

    !. is google marketplace that important? does it come on all android tablets or just the ones authorized by google. I notice some don`t say or have the icon for market place. I don`t understand?

    2. I guess it would have to be a resistive screen for that price point correct?

    3. what is multi touch sceen? it that the zooming thing with two fingers?? android 2.1 better??

    5. how bout processors...snapdragon..rockchip...core 8-9?????

    These are the ones Im looking at available now witstech A81-E but he said no marketplace.....

    I think the eken has one with 1.6 android.....

    other 2 not available yet i like are the notion ink adam and hauwei smakit s7

    Thanks in advance

  2. dB Zac

    dB Zac Well-Known Member

    the e7001 is sounds like the one for you. It is the Rockchip 2808 witch is one of the best that is used on the chines MID's. It does have market access right out of the box, but it runs on android 1.5 (most of the chines MID's are 1.5 or 1.6). Of course 2.1 is better if you have good ram and possessor speed, but the big down fall to 1.5 is more and more of he market is not supporting 1.5. The new 10.2" Wiipad just came out, can be under 300 shipped, has 2.1 and a 1ghtz possessor.

    here is a thread on it

    In the end most Chines Ipad wanna be's are going to have short comings (low ram, old operating system, low build quality...) For the money the Wiipad, and the e7001 are the best of the cheep ones. There are more on the way so do some more research and you may find its better to wait

    forgot to mention that there are custom roms and development for the E7001 at if you decide to go that route
  3. Catfish

    Catfish Well-Known Member

    I have written a blog entry on my website about the Chinese "Apads" available at the moment, their specs and prices. It should help you decide what to buy and help you know what to confirm with sellers when buying.


    It's the first (latest) blog entry at the moment.
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  4. brews

    brews Member

    Thanks for that blog post. Short and relevant. I'm planning on buying a tablet before September, and I'm looking at the sub $250 range, so it's nice to get some basic guidelines in order for shopping.
  5. Catfish

    Catfish Well-Known Member

    my blog basically says the ZT-180 is the go, but as revealed today, the ZT-180 models don't have the CPU in them they are advertised as (the CPU manufacturers were lying about what the chips were).

    This doesn't mean they are a bad device, user feedback was all good about them really but one major fault from the cheaper CPUs in them is that they will not be flash upgradable. So I think this means it will have Android 2.1 and you won't be able to change it to a different version (which kind of sucks).

    (edit - will still be able to flash, just wont have official support after android 2.2)
  6. brews

    brews Member

    This all goes under the banner of you get what you pay for, I guess. I'm glad that I've planned to buy in late august, since hopefully much of the confusion will be sorted out. We'll see.

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