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  1. hpvista

    hpvista New Member


    I have recently purchased an Lg Optimus chat c555, and I switched the SIM card over from a different phone to put into the Chat phone. After unlocking my phone, I continuously get this error popup on the phone: the process has stopped unexpectedly. The bad part is that this message pops up every 5 seconds and prevents me from accessing certain features of the phone. I have managed to determine that the error message will only pop up if I have the SIM card inside. If anyone has any ideas how to get rid of the error message, I'm listening/checking this thread.

    All help is appreciated

    thank you

  2. Looks to me like Android does not like that sim card of yours :p
  3. techIsolation

    techIsolation New Member

    You should try hard reset/ factory reset.

    Power off your phone. then press the send key, the power on key and the down volume button simultaneously for 10 sec as the phone is turning on. you'll get your reset. Don't worry. It won't lock your phone again.:)
  4. bgillrie

    bgillrie New Member

    Did anyone find a fix for this? I am having the same problem and am kind of freaking out about it!!!!! Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Chillus

    Chillus New Member

    Hey guys. I'm also having the same problem on an LG-C555. Did anyone ever find out why this is happening?

    I recently unlocked this phone from the Telus network in Canada and now whenever I put a Virgin sim card in it, I get the "" error.

    I'd sure appreciate any advice anyone has here.

    Cheers in advance ;-)
  6. Agniezska

    Agniezska New Member

    Hi Androidian people...

    I have the same problem then Chillus with "I recently unlocked this phone from the Telus network in Canada and now whenever I put a Virgin sim card in it", I get this :

    "The process has stopped unexpectely, Please try again" [Force Close]
    "Le processus s'est interrompu de fa
  7. irocharp

    irocharp New Member

    Hello I am experiencing the same issue with my lg c555 phone since I have unlocked it. Did you ever get this issue fixed? If so I would be interested very much in how you achieved this. Thanks and await your response. Cheers
  8. neonflash

    neonflash Well-Known Member

    lg optimus black and i have the same issue.
    what i dont understand is i power off the phone 1 week ago and it was working fine.
    now today i turn it on again and i keep getting that error message. i have done nothing new not installed or update anything all i did was power the phone on.
  9. androiduser171

    androiduser171 New Member

    Has anyone gotten a reply? Mine has the same problem and the phone is unusable.

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