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HELP: Configuring SipDroid with Sip Provider

  1. khanvict

    khanvict Member

    I have the following accounts:
    Google Voice

    and I have the SipDroid app.

    The guide I followed pertained to using Sipgate but gave an alternative method using IPKall but I can't set google voice to forward to the IPKall either. It won't allow me to register for sipgate. It says all the available numbers are taken.

    This is the guide I followed:
    Updated Sipdroid/G. Voice Guide (from XDA) Gurnted's Blog

    Any suggestions? I feel like I get closer to figuring this out the more I mess around but I really don't understand why so many different accounts are needed nor do i understand what each of them really does and it makes me more confused each time I think about it.

    EDIT: I'm also registering for a free SIP account from IPComms.net but it will take one to two days. I'll try configuring it that way once I have the information but any help between now and then would be appreciated.

  2. khanvict

    khanvict Member

    Ok, so I was able to setup the IPKall with my PBXes and now I can receive incoming calls and I was also able to forward the google voice number to the IPKall number.

    As of right now I can receive incoming calls for free but I still have two issues:

    1) Though I forwarded the google voice number to IPKall, when I dial my google voice number it just keeps ringing even after I've answered with sipdroid on my phone. I can dial the IPKall number directly and it's fine but the forwarding from the google voice isn't quite right.

    2) How can I make free outbound calls over SIP in conjunction with google voice?
  3. clobber

    clobber Well-Known Member

    1) Are you saying that your phone actually rings and when you answer it, it just keeps ringing?

    2) You need to download another app. Seach for google voice call back or something like that. There are two pretty good apps. When active, they will intercept your dialing, send it to google over your data connecting, and then your phone will start ringing. You answer, and then the number you dialed starts ringing. Just like you had started the call from the Gvoice website on your computer. Obviously you need to solve problem 1 first.
  4. khanvict

    khanvict Member

    I ditched IPKall and signed up for sipgate now that the numbers are available.

    Here is the set-up as it stands:
    Google Voice # forwards to SipGate
    SipGate is configured with SipSorcery
    SipSorcery is configured with PBXes
    PBXes is set-up with SipDroid

    Here is what I observe:

    - Dialing my google voice # from a landline: there is about a one minute delay in connectivity by the time it gets to my cell (sipdroid). I've already gotten the google voicemail (on the landline) and I hang up and 30s later my cell (sipdroid) will ring but there's no one on the other end obviously.

    - Dialing my sip # directly from a landline: still a delay but not nearly as bad. When my landline dials, and while it's still ringing, my cell starts to as well but when I answer my cell the landline continues to ring thus the connection is delayed and it may or may not connect.

    - Dialing out from my cell (sipdroid) to landline: This is working pretty decent. I'm connecting to the landline every time. The delay that I'm experiencing on incoming connectivity isn't really there.

    My assumption is maybe I need to fiddle with the incoming settings on PBXes or SipGate? I want to say I shouldn't have to touch SipSorcery.

    As for the google voice callback apps, I originally tried those first but I don't think they are using the data connection? I tested them when i didn't have any minutes during the day and i got my 'you are out of whenever minutes' message.
  5. khanvict

    khanvict Member

    Nevermind, It's working for now I think.

    One thing I noticed when I dialed my google voice number is that it is screening the call now (not sure if it always did this) but it prompted me to press 1 to answer. I wasn't paying attention to my cell (sipdroid) or listening for the prompt initially so that may be why it kept ringing?

    Anyway, I'm happy for now as now I can do both incoming and outgoing for free via data :). If I run into trouble, I'll stop by again, or if anyone else wants to try and needs help let me know.
  6. joyroony

    joyroony New Member

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