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  1. kimblebear

    kimblebear New Member

    I have a Galaxy S2 and am connecting to an Exchange Server 2007

    Whilst I am in the building, everything is OK and I connect though my internal wifi.

    Once I go outside the building and connect by public wifi or by gprs, I find that the phone cannot connect

    I realise that this is not a problem with the phone, but can someone please point me in the right direction in terms of sorting out the firewall problem - it is driving me spare :confused:


  2. MMakoto

    MMakoto Member

    i believe all of the tmo sgs2 phones are like that, seems to conflict with ms exchange. when i'm in the office with wifi on and set email to push, everything is fine, but once i'm on the go-it just won't push any of my emails, but manual works ok most of the time. sometimes it won't sync no matter where i am too, so then i delete the account and add a new one.

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