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Support Help! Contacts disappeared

  1. PandaBear625

    PandaBear625 New Member

    All my contacts that were transferred from my old phone to the marquee have disappeared; they are not synced with google. I went to my local Boost store and the guy there was no help. My local Sprint store won't support problems with the boost phones so I am trying to figure out what happened. I didn't download any new apps and none of my apps updated. In the morning my contacts were there and in the afternoon they were all gone. Then today someone who is in my contacts texted me and the first message her phone number just appeared then when I went back into my text list her name appeared even though I never re-entered any of info. So the info is somewhere on my phone but just won't appear in my contacts. The only contacts I have are people I have added to my contacts since I got the phone and all those people are synced with google.


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