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HELP!! crash crash crashSupport

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  1. aldrs

    aldrs New Member

    Almost anything i do i get "...has stopped unexpectedly".

    few examples:


    can't even enter the settings to poke around cas it crashes instantly...

    now what...

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Are you rooted and on a custom ROM? Have you installed any recent apps that you suspect could be the problem?
    I've had this happen a couple times flashing ROMs or new kernels.
    If you haven't done any of those, can you boot into recovery and perform a factory reset? That's likely your best bet at this point.
    Also, welcome to the forums!
  3. aldrs

    aldrs New Member

    Yeah well i did a hard reset and that fixed it.
    Do not have any clue what was the cause.
    Didn't install anything change any settings etc. It's just weird O.O

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