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  1. Creggadeth

    Creggadeth New Member

    woke up this morning and my phone was stuck on the huwaei load up screeen took the battery out and put it back in it loaded to a screen that said FTM MODE (black screen, yellow letters) next i read to take out the battery and plug it in and all that did was bring me to a screen that was update failed while sayign it was on step 1 of 2 of a firmware update. i dont really know what to do to fix this. my phone in the ascend 2 m865m if anyone can help id very much appreciate it

  2. Creggadeth

    Creggadeth New Member

    i also took out the battery and SD card and plugged it in while holding the volume buttons and all thats showing up is a lavender my phonea brick now? :(
  3. actualsize

    actualsize Member

    Sounds like condensation.

    I see that you are in the "steam community"...

    Case closed. No really, sweat does that.

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