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HELP: Custom Icons are Distorted on Galaxy Tab

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  1. wizkitten

    wizkitten New Member


    So I've got my galaxy S2 X setup with Go Launcher and am using custom icons to replace my app folders. It's great.

    When I replicate this same configuration on my Galaxy Tab though, all of the icons show up looking really distorted/grainy/pixelated (think that's a word...). Most of the icon images I am using are between 120x120 or 200x200 pixels.

    Should this be happening? Are the icons just too small? Or have I screwed up a setting somewhere?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


  2. voddles

    voddles Member

    Have you found anything out? I have the same problem, and i have a Tab as well. The icons are really high quality, but when i set them as custom icons in GO, they're low-res.

    I might be on to something; does it force you to crop them as well? Mine does, and i can select 'No crop', but they're still low-res.

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