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  1. katynorman1

    katynorman1 New Member

    can someone help me please? my phones done this thing where the screen's black but the LED's are still switched on.. i would put pics up but i havent got anything else to put a pic up with! i've tried to switch it off but it just won't do anything, PLEASEEEE help!
    :confused: :confused:

  2. katynorman1

    katynorman1 New Member

    it doesn't matter now guys :) i fixed itt ! :)
  3. RobertsAccount

    RobertsAccount Active Member

    Good to know :) Keep us posted on any other problems you encounter and we'll try to help you out.
  4. mizore

    mizore New Member

    Can u pls tell me how u fixed it.....?
    Sry about english, i`m from serbia....:)

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