help designing app to access MYSQL database.

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  1. pezacide

    pezacide Member

    I have been trawling the net trying to find as much info as i can about apps that will access a mysql database if someone could point me in the right direction say a book or tutorial i have designed some basic apps so would need fairly basic/beginner style tutorial. I know that i could just buy an asset management app but would rather have the experience of building one myself.

  2. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Hello Pezacide, and welcome to Android Forums! :)

    I've moved your thread over to Application Development where it can get more views by other developers. Hopefully someone can better assist you here. ;)
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  3. shredcode

    shredcode Active Member


    Are you looking into creating a local database within your android application, or creating a database on a server and adding / updating items remotely through your application accessing a web service of some sort to do the actual database activities.

    Basically do you want to only view the items on the phone or also a web interface optionally later.
  4. metalsoul

    metalsoul New Member

    Tell us

    You want local database or remote on your own server

    If local you should use SQL lite 3 instead of mysql

    Otherwise for remote you should use php and Jason

    To receive data and send if you want

    Its depends on you
  5. pezacide

    pezacide Member

    i will be creating a database on server and adding updating items remotely.

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