Help despertly on rooting Nook color 1.41

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  1. tom32090

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    Hello androids forums. Today i purchased a nook color in the hope i could root it with an sd card and be able to read manga/comics easily. I have to figure out how to do this and so far im just becoming more confused. I did put the image on an sdcard with winimage but now the memory went from 4 gb to 130 mb. what is up with that? im so very confused can any one help me?

  2. bobstro

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    #1: STOP.
    #2: BREATHE.

    You didn't give us any indication of what method you are trying to use. If you have created a disk image that is 130 MB, that sounds very much like you're creating a bootable SD with Cyanogenmod using eyeballer's "size agnostic SD" method. That will create a bootable SD with CM on it, but you are not rooting the B&N firmware. There are (at least) 3 different ways to modify a NC:

    1. Root the stock B&N firmware.
    2. Create a bootable SD card with alternate firmware on it (e.g. CyanogenMod).
    3. Over-write the B&N firmware by writing alternate firmware to internal eMMC memory.

    If you want to root the B&N 1.4.1 firmware on board, there's a guide at the top of this section. In it I've listed the pros and cons of each approach.
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