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  1. brittag8

    brittag8 New Member

    Hey guys. Well to start off I haven't done anything to the phone yet. My boss gave my her phone and told me if i could fix it i could have it. So here's the problem. Its stuck in hboot. At first when you turn it on it would start up then shut off then it goes into hboot. I can't click on anything in it. The volume buttons work but when i go to select fastboot or anything else it won't work. I have looked all over the internet but can't find one single answer. I'm a noob so any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

  2. r_tirado

    r_tirado New Member

    Search the cfw you installed on the phone (Zip File) and takes the boot.img. Then put the phone in "fastboot usb mode" and install the boot.img by "command prompt" manual. If you need more help after you sent it step by step. I hope it helps.
  3. anapana83

    anapana83 Member

    I had the same problem around June. Eventually i had no choice but to send it to HTC tech in Texas under the premise of the warranty, and while i had my doubts that they'd fix it (considering it was unlocked), they actually did, to my surprise. Took them about a week, but they didn't charge me, and the phone's in perfect working order again.
  4. nickhere

    nickhere Active Member

    if you can pull out the sdcard and put the bluekingdom rom on it
    and the install that. shouldnt that fix it

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