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  1. brandon594

    brandon594 New Member

    Is there any key pattern to factory reset the xperia play while its turned off. (ex- LG vortex you hold volume up and home key while turning on and factory resets it) I need to factory reset it

  2. michaeld4353

    michaeld4353 New Member

    Not that I'm aware of buddy, the only way i know is to either (and im not sure) is to plug it into your pc/laptop and to do it through the pc suite, you can repair the os which does the same thing, the other way i know works for sure is to go into phone settings and do it from there.... hope this helps
  3. brandon594

    brandon594 New Member

    I locked it and forget my pin and email got hacked, ill try from computer
  4. michaeld4353

    michaeld4353 New Member

    ok buddy, let me know how you get on..good luck :')

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