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  1. jmdownloader

    jmdownloader New Member

    I got LG GW620 unit. used windows 7, flashboot -w (OK) but boot and system images (FAILS) now the unit will just hang :confused: need help. i have zero knowledge on this

  2. jmdownloader

    jmdownloader New Member

    update.. i have managed to flash.. restart the unit but i get this error.. anyone can help?

    [Blue Error Handler] Arm11 is Crashed!!
    [Press Volume up key] To get Ramdump!!
    [Press Volum down key] Reboot&savelog!!
    Linux Kernel Panic
    Process akmd (pid: 1169)
    PC: yaffs_rename+0xe0/0x158
    LR: yaffs_rename+0xc4/0x158
    pc : [<c019b234>] lr : [<c019b218>]
    psr: a000013 sp : cd1b5e70
    ip : cd026dfc fp : 00000000
    r10: 00000001 r9 : cd1b4000
    r8 : cd026000 r7 : cd128aa8
    r6 : cd533238 r5 : cd524990
    r4 : cd524990 r3 : 00000000
    r2 : 00000000 r1 : 00000007
    r0 : cd0260a4
    ----------<Call Stack>-----------------
  3. rani00

    rani00 New Member

    i have also this problem help me 03328244987

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