Help for an M12 9.7" Tablet (RK2918)

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  1. BlackWingAngel

    BlackWingAngel New Member

    Hi all!
    I recently purchased this tablet:
    Android Capacitivo M12 Tablet PC Android 2.3 9.7 Pollici Touch screen Capacitativo 3G esterno Wifi
    on the website www. ****** .it

    because the ratio offer/price seemed superior to other candidates.

    Now I'm looking for someone that have made ​​my own choice (or the like),
    to share impressions and recommendations, and maybe discuss about early problems or future changes (bugs / firmware)

    someone else "on these shores" has the same model ?
    can anyone suggest a website with accurate information?

  2. BlackWingAngel

    BlackWingAngel New Member

    This is the direct link to e-shop website.
    M12 Tablet PC 9,7" Android 2.3

    Someone can help me?
  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

  4. BlackWingAngel

    BlackWingAngel New Member

    Thank you. for now you are the first and the only one who responded to eight forums on which I wrote for help.

    Comparing features and design that I see do not look alike.

    Browsing this forum I formed the idea that it is more like this:

    Elijah Online M12 Android 2.3 Tablet PC - YouTube

    you know (more or less) the model?

    I'm especially looking for information on updates to Android 2.3.4 or better (maybe 3.0), and the compatibility of the SIM phone card slot with Italian Vendors (Vodafone, ecc) ?

    The technical state of being equipped with a TV Tuner:
    PAL? NTSC? ... Boh! :confused:
    you know if Android supports a HW like this?
  5. notginger

    notginger New Member

    There is a forum that covers this tablet, I have to post twice because I am not allowed to post links in my first post.
  6. notginger

    notginger New Member

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