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Help for installing new ROMSupport

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  1. pat_carey2000

    pat_carey2000 Member

    Hi guys im new to all this and appreciate any help..
    I have already installed android 2.2 and everything seems to be working fine but i would like to try and install gingerbread..

    This time should i just skip HSPL flash and Radio flashing, and go straight to flashing MAGLDR, then install the ROM???

  2. googler1

    googler1 Member

    hey. how did you install android? im having such a hard time with this!! thanks
  3. str8jaket

    str8jaket New Member

    If you have done hspl and radio already, just flash magldr and you're ready to install android in the nand.
    Flashing ginger is the same as froyo.
  4. roloracer

    roloracer New Member

    if you want a clean install you should always use task29 when changing roms on hd2, specially if you're not updating the same rom. When you go thru different roms, a lot of them have different partition sizes so you'll have to change partitions, and to do that you need to reflash Clockworkmod, unless you have the new hd2 toolkit from xda and I haven't test it yet.

    Hd2 flashing I know, so if you have the HSPL and the right radio( I recommend) then you task29/MGLDR 1.13/Clockworkmod with the necessary partition size/Flash desired rom, and you'll have a fresh install. :cool:

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