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Help for people that use the HTC EVO DESIGN

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  1. Talelorm

    Talelorm Member

    So: there is no way to root your phone on ics done with tools thus far ive tried the following below in red.
    the only way ive found to root your phone (boost mobile) is with the sticky linked here.
    and superoneclick is what i used to remove root from the app drawer when i upgraded.
    i tried root and s off on before the update and after with it still failing

    it might work on gingerbread but i have no such backup to revert to to try it.

    Guess we have to wait till someone supports our device.
    But then again somebody might have achieved what i failed at testing.

    Good luck and reply if anyone had experience with getting this to work with s off or root(other then the sticky thread).

    Im currently on
    OS 4.0.3
    HTC SENSE 3.6
    SOFTWARE # 1.11.653.0 710RD
    Unlocked Bootloader
    unlock root V 3 fails to get shell root
    htc super tool v3 fails prep pressing 1 (DOES NOTHING)and fails 3 when used trying to perm root.
    Z4ROOT 1.3.0 force closes when aquiring root shell
    this is with allowing non market apps on and usb debugging on with charge only on
    Super one click: fails

    heres a thread for example

  2. Blackross

    Blackross Member

    goto htc's dev site google htc unlock should take you to htc's unlock site... follow the instructions there to unlock.

    ROOTING the design is not hard, its just awkward, like lighting a cigarette in a rain storm, it can be done.


    when 2fastroms comes back online grab the ClockWork mod for the "HTC hero one / kingdom" (which is what our designs are called), then... rename the clockwork mod to PH44IMG.zip (make sure windows doesn't add a extra .zip to the extension) copy PH44IMG.zip to the root of your sd card, and drop to recovery mode (volume down on reboot).


    it should load the PH44IMG.zip and reflash... done.. NOW this is what i learned, i thought it didn't take for like a week till i rebooted with volume down and selected "recovery" and no shit there was clockwork.

    (every time you flash a new rom backup then wipe and THEN flash new rom)


    through the clockwork recovery flashing menu, flash this file off the memory card su-bin-3.0.32-efghi-signed.zip <--- google that (can't remember where i got it from) that is the SuperUser (SU is just like using su or sudo in linux), once that is installed then you can install one touch root, busybox, etc... because after SU is installed your pretty much done, its unlocked, and rooted... it doesn't sparkle or anything fancy or magically turn everything into bacon. But, you can flash some of the CyanoGen mods, most of the ones i tried were off of 2fasts's site which is down till he pays the bills. BUT, a cool but, is you can now change your bootscreens....


    as far as apps go, Superuser (from the play store) automates the su process, rom manager is a good one to grab, you can pick the rom to flash and set it to make a back up before it reboots the phone and flashes the rom in recovery... pretty slick.

  3. cj1212

    cj1212 Well-Known Member

  4. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Moved this to the HTC Evo Design All Things Root sub forum. I think you will get the best answers there :D

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