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  1. lcfz86

    lcfz86 Active Member

    i can't find "" from my phone...

  2. Sprung

    Sprung Active Member

    You need to grab EZ File Explorer from the market. It's free, and it will let you browse your SD card from your phone.
  3. lcfz86

    lcfz86 Active Member

    but i only can find this "" as a folder... not apk
  4. paxchristos

    paxchristos Well-Known Member

    I used root explorer, astro file manager (free) works too,

    go up until you hit just "/" then goto system then app
    (path should be /system/app)

    and there you will find it. If not post what type of phone you have (r800a/i/x) and i'll try to find an apk for you.
  5. lcfz86

    lcfz86 Active Member

    mine is r800i... thx
  6. paxchristos

    paxchristos Well-Known Member

    Here they are, i labeled the USA and the European version as such, have fun!

    Attached Files:

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  7. lcfz86

    lcfz86 Active Member

    thx buddy~
  8. paxchristos

    paxchristos Well-Known Member

  9. Ganacheat

    Ganacheat New Member

    Hi there,

    I downloaded the file that paxchristos posted here (the european one) and i found on my phone the following file : "NCEA00344_1_1.zpak".

    I tried the yifan lu method and it doesn't work. My phone is a R800i with Android 2.3.4

    Could you please help ?

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