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Help: Gps stays always on.Support

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  1. thahim

    thahim Well-Known Member

    Even when my gps is turned off I get the icon flashing when I open any app which requires gps.

    Please help me this is draining my battery fast.

  2. thahim

    thahim Well-Known Member

  3. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    It will only drain the battery when you are running an app that uses GPS, i.e. when that icon is visible.

    Some apps let you choose what location systems they can use, so it might be worth looking in the menu of the app to see whether you can tell it not to use GPS.

    I realise I'm not directly answering your question, but I don't have an S4 so can't really investigate any features of that device. Is it a particular app that seems to be doing this? If so it might be worth checking it's not capable of enabling GPS itself, or you haven't got something else set to do this (an app like Tasker that is capable of enabling or disabling GPS).
  4. thahim

    thahim Well-Known Member

    Actually all was fine when I bought my phone this has started happening since a week and its not normal.

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