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  1. jessierose

    jessierose New Member

    Hi There,
    Everything on my Ideos seems to be working fine, except one thing, my LED on the front of my phone is constantly on and green. it stays the same constant green even if i get a message, the battery is low, or even if my phone is off! the only way i can stop it is to take the battery out. i have tried a factory reset, and taken it into the shop, but the guys just shrugged thier shoulders. so i take it to you, internet world, Any ideas? or anyone had the same problem? replies would be much appreciated. :D

  2. jessierose

    jessierose New Member

    Hi, Me Again,
    Iv had a wee bit of a breakthrough, tonight, while charging my phone, i noticed that the light is now orange. its a strange orange though, its like, if i look at it out of the corner of my eye its still green. that could be me being so used to it being green though. anyway, any help is still extremely gladly appreciated, I'm getting a little tired of people saying 'you have a text on your phone' and then me having to explain the whole thing over. :)
  3. yiannis22

    yiannis22 New Member

    I have exactly the same problem. All is working well, except the steady green light.
    Did you find any solutions ???
  4. mikemp3

    mikemp3 Member

    I also have the same problem. The green LED is constantly on. Rebooting doesn't work. Removing the battery will turn off the LED but obviously I cannot then use the phone. Any suggestions.
  5. yasirsaleem106

    yasirsaleem106 New Member

    Hi all,
    I hope you all would be fine and happy.
    Does anyone of you have fixed this "green light constantly glowing" issue?
    If so please tell me about this fix.

    Thank you
  6. random

    random New Member

    Ok i am having the same problem, but my phone did get wet. I don't know how to check got water damage and find out if that is the problem.
  7. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, I did some Googling and found the following:

    [FONT=&quot]Green message indicator light not going off [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Its staying on while the screen is off. Yet there's no message or anything. Anyone have this issue? [/FONT]
    Answer: Be sure to look at texts, e-mail, Google voice, im's, and phone log for voice mail. There must be some unresolved notification somewhere.

    Mine does this too. Pulling the notification shade down once will make it stop. Bug of some sort I suppose.

    Nothing got rid of it except rebooting, then it was gone. All new phones have some sort of quirks, bugs, etc.

    For me my Twitter client was doing it giving you an alert, and instead of flashing the LED, there's a glitch where it just keeps it solid.

    What worked for me: go into advanced Wifi settings, and turn off alert me when an open WiFi network is available.

    Hope these suggestions will help. Please let us know if anything fixes your problem by Posting again. Neil.

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