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[HELP] GT-i9003 getting reboots automatically in the night untill battery drained completlySupport

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  1. jayaram

    jayaram New Member

    Hi All,
    I am using Samsung Galaxy GT-i9003 with 2.3.5 GINGERBREED.
    Last 3Days when I wake up in the morning and checking the phone it was switched off due to low battery. When I charged back and turned it on It is showing the Select Locale Screen with the Instruction (I seen these steps when initially I brought this mobile).
    After completed the tutorials, it is take into the Home screen.

    • But my Phone Contacts, Text Messages are removed from the phone.
    • Also the installed applications are not working properly
    • Google Maps Continously showing the Error message.
    • GPRS is not connected even I enabled the options for this
    It is happening daily, I tried Factory Reset 2-3times also formatted my SD Card and cleared all the data from the Phone internal memory.
    Last night I monitored my phone it is getting contentious restarts until battery dry (Manually i removed the battery and I stopped it then when I turned on again its getting restarted).
    Please advise me to fix this issue.


  2. howdo

    howdo Member

    Get a fine brush and clean where the charger fits in the phone. Give it rite good clean. That will solve your problem. I used a tooth brush (fine)
  3. Bhakti11

    Bhakti11 New Member

    Me facing same problem..... any1 solution?
  4. sheshoo

    sheshoo New Member

    i'm facing the same problem any help
  5. DogDaShinzu

    DogDaShinzu New Member

    I had the same problem...
    Sent my phone to Samsung.... etc..
    The only thing you need to do is upgrade your phone to 2.3.6 with kies.
  6. androidPatient

    androidPatient New Member


    I am also facing exactly the same like jayram.... even though i am having gingerbread v2.3.6

    Moreover, before the data erase and continuous restarts with loss of all contacts and messages my phone was automatically got restart with its DOS like prompt screen (one we find while hard delete).... where i selected reboot option since then my External SD card stop responding and got corrupted.

    It only shows SD card is either empty or having unsupported file types, also we were not able to mount the sd card (other sd cards were working)

    please help !!!!
  7. Ronak Chauhan

    Ronak Chauhan New Member

    Try following steps
    step 1. change yr external SD card
    step 2. Do hard reset by this code *2767*3855#
    step 3. change your email id (i.e. do not use the old email id that you used earlier)
    step 4. kill the service called software update in "running services"
  8. Syed Bilal Ali

    Syed Bilal Ali New Member

    I got the Same Problum in my galaxy s i9003 any solution????

    n how to Reset by Code??? Ronak Chauhan
  9. normlguyaz

    normlguyaz Member

    I have a samsung droid stratosphere and would like to share one of my issues and see if any of you have experienced this.
    Plug in and charge your phone before you go to bed, turn it off and unplug it, in the morning try and turn it on. Mine was dead, and its not very old ( almost 1 year) Im an electronics tech and know all about batteries and how to charge them for optimal capability.
    This is what Ive experienced just last night. I charged my phone (1 yr old droid) completely and then turned it off and unplugged it, woke up this morning and it was completly dead. Charged it and it lasts all day.
    Anyone experience this?
    My conclusion is either I have a horrible battery (which I seriously dought since it works normally when charged stays all day depending on use) or my apps are using my juice as I sleep without the phone being on.
    I suspect this is the reason because why would they put in the permissions of most apps now, that they can access the internet and all of my data, phone lists, posting to the internet on my behalf and even over write any of my info or programs. It makes me really suspiscious of what the hell is going on when Im not using my phone.
    Try this yourself, especially if you have a bunch of apps.
    Most people do like I have for the last several years, they leave their phone plugged in overnight ( I know I did for years with no notice of battery issues, even now) So why was my phone dead in the morning when it was turned off???
    SO now Im gonna clean my phone of apps that require any admin access to my personal info, internet, phone features like my camera or audio or allowed to overwrite my info , post on my behalf, or even power on if turned off.
    No app needs to access my passwords, personal info contacts, data and certainly dont need full access to the internet camera or audio when the phone is off!
    I really suspect something aweful is happening here without our knowledge.
    Any ones insight would be appreciated here, especially anyone willing to experiment with me to find out the real issue be it battery or juice theft by app
  10. Dikshika1702

    Dikshika1702 New Member

    even i am facing the same problem as jayram since past 10 days.. what do i do??
    please help me what do i do??
    Also my play store is not working. It shows error process com.android.vending has stopped unexpectedly. i tried clearing cache and data but not working. There is download manager app also.

    Thank you,
  11. naveen ghanta

    naveen ghanta New Member

  12. naveen ghanta

    naveen ghanta New Member

    go to service center orproperly open ur mobile ur self.and remove the CMOS battery.and assemble ur mobile case.n c miracle.actually i faced same prblm.n i tried this solution.its working :) tq.

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