HELP! Hero; Unlock pattern lock....

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  1. Kleinstrup

    Kleinstrup Member

    Hi all.

    Yesterday I swiped my unlock pattern wrong to many times and now I have a screen saying that I should type in my google account username and password to unlock it.

    I'v done this 100 times now with the correct username and password but it does not open my Hero. It is like it dosen't tjeck it online....

    So now I have a locked Hero that can't do anything, please help me! How can I unlock it??? :confused:

  2. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    I remember reading once that you have to use, not, if you lock yourself out. I don't know if that's ture, but does that help?
  3. Kleinstrup

    Kleinstrup Member

    Hi have tried with - that dosen't work!
  4. Steve-Silver

    Steve-Silver Member


    I am not speaking from experience, but I believe there is a way to factory reset the phone (although you will loose any data).

    Also, I just googled "unlock hero without google account" and their seems to be various things you can try but it does seem that lots of people have had issues with resetting using the google credentials.
  5. Drazil

    Drazil Well-Known Member

    Did you have wi-fi turned on when you locked your phone? or have a data plan? my phone got locked once when my friend was mucking around on it and I had to use the same account that I used when I set up my phone to unlock it ( Once you type that in, it goes online to verify the information.
  6. andy d

    andy d Well-Known Member

    As far as i know their is no other way of getting into your phone without using your gmail account.

    You might have to speak to your service provider.
  7. Kleinstrup

    Kleinstrup Member


    I now reset my Hero, doing like this;

    Battery out
    Battery in
    Hold down "home" and "backarrow" and push power button fast!

    Phone now reboots and you will have the possiblility to push menu for reset your phone.

    Another solution could be this, was in my indbox:

    hi cannot post on forums atm coz my email is still not validiated.
    Anyway, when you unlock you phone write your username: ex. and as password write null . (without dot )
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  8. azeem781986

    azeem781986 New Member

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