Help! How do I Even Begin the Theme up!?

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  1. Dorky Mama

    Dorky Mama Member

    Hi All!
    I becaome a Droid parent on April 12th. I have a Samsung Moment and absolutely love my phone. I thought the blackberryt was good, they have nothing on the awesomeness of this piece of technology.
    Okay, heres where I need help. I want a theme. I wnat one so bad I could cry. Every time I hit up the app store, I download a them I wanna see. activate, and nothing happens. Then theres the @home and Pandahome and I get so lost. What?! COnfuse me?? Please, someone, help me out here. What am I missed. What app do I need to download in order to get themes? Is PAndahome or @home preinstalled on the moment already? IF not, what is? Thanks you guys.

  2. Megs

    Megs Well-Known Member

    In order to see the themes you'll have to download one of the "home" apps (ie. ahome OR PandaHome OR GDE OR OpenHome one of the others on the market).

    Some of those home apps you have to pay for. PandaHome you don't - I'm using it right now. Some of them only appear in the market depending on your Android version (1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1). Some of the themes themselves only work with certain home apps too.

    Someone else who's a bit more in the know about the different home apps should come along soon to tell you a bit more (I'm a home app newb still).
  3. Dorky Mama

    Dorky Mama Member

    Thanks so much for all you were able to tell me. It really is handy. Sodoes pandahomes work good for you?
  4. Megs

    Megs Well-Known Member

    It does. I haven't figured out everything on it yet but I'm working on it. :) If you download a bunch of themes you can pick and choose which parts to use from them (ie. Icons, drawer tab, wallpaper, etc.) which is useful. It also has "dockbars" that you can customize and put shortcuts into - one of mine has contact shortcuts to directly dial my family.

    I know that some of the aHome and OpenHome themes work on Panda but I haven't yet managed to play around with it a lot.

    I bought GDE as well the other day. It was pretty good too I just liked Panda's ability to hide icons better (though if someone were to tell me that GDE has that option as well I'd swap back). I have a Rogers branded phone that comes with a ton of apps that I don't use - mostly the Moxier suite - and I don't like having to search through them. Or the icon packs/themes when you don't actually access them through the drawer (access them through PandaHome or BetterCut).
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  5. Dorky Mama

    Dorky Mama Member

    Cool beans. Is there a certain website I can go to to get panda home? Or a forum posts. From the sound of things, all I need is that and some of the theme apps I have will work perfect for me:D

  6. Megs

    Megs Well-Known Member

  7. Dorky Mama

    Dorky Mama Member

    OKay, that seems easy enough. Now does qr stand for a barcode online? Like I would have to download the barcode scanner (which I just did) and pull up the link on my comp then scan the barcode to my phone?? Right? Or am I missing something? Thanks again for your patience and help.
  8. Megs

    Megs Well-Known Member

    Yep. Fair enough to do.

    Though I'm not sure what QR actually stands for. QR codes are a square code instead of a bar like UPC codes.

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